The Daily Word: Peter Rosenberg Reveals Wiz Khalifa Cheated On Amber Rose With Twins


The Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose divorce saga took an interesting spin this morning.  Hot 97’s morning show radio personality Peter Rosenberg revealed today during their ‘Talk About It Tuesday’ segment  that Wiz cheated on his wife with twin sisters. 


Peter Rosenberg and his wife whom are good friends with Amber Rose got all the details as to what exactly is going on with Wiz and Amber. Amber revealed that she did walk in on Wiz taking down twin sisters. Rosenberg also revealed the twins in question were not even that attractive as compared to Amber Rose. We will let you be the judge, Hot 97 revealed the twins IG today, take a peek of them below.



Now we know that the idea of bedding twins are on a lot of men’s bucket list, but so is bedding Amber Rose. Honestly these two combined couldn’t hold a candle to Amber Rose in the beauty department, we are just confused. Wiz according to some reports was very unhappy with the marriage and “didn’t want to be married to Amber anymore”and that they have been broken  up for a long time. Rosenberg says that is completely untrue according to Amber Rose.



Watch the entire ‘Talk About It Tuesday” segment below.

This situation just gets messier and messier by the week. We just hope these two can get things together for the sake of their child and split amicably.


Stay Fly!

Photo: Instagram

Source: Hot 97

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