FLY VIDEO: Sharaya J “Takin’ It No More / Shut It Down”…

Screen shot 2014-09-29 at 1.33.53 PM

Missy Elliot‘s young protege, Sharaya J has done it again with an amazing visual to enhance two dope singles. Sharaya actually wrote the treatment for the video, whose visuals were inspired by cult movie classic, Little Shop of Horrors and Janet Jackson‘s iconic “Alright“, video. One of my favorite movies and one of my all time favorite videos might I add (Rae Speaking)!

Although the visual for “Takin’ It No More” is amazing, the real drama goes down at that 3:19 mark when the video transitions into the Aaron “D Boy” produced, Shut It Down!


The video directed by Missy Elliott, Lisa Cunningham, and Stephen Pitts. Please check it out …. NOW!


-Stay Fly!

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