Ukrainian Prankster Tries To Pull Kim Kardashian To The Ground While Entering A #PFW Show…

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Just when Kim Kardashian and Kanye West were setting social media on fire with their fashion must-have choices during Paris Fashion Week 2014, something random just had to go down…le sigh. Check out more below…

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On her way to attend the BALMAIN fashion show with Kris Jenner and Kanye West in tow, Kim proceeds to exit through the back door of the car, when a guy lunges at her, tackling her legs and tries to pull her to the ground.

Of course, security jump in, picks Kim up slightly off the ground, subdue the guy and then quickly escort Kim and Kris into the building, while Kanye is on the opposite side of the car being escorted in as well. Just imagine if he (Kanye) was on the same side as Kim…yeah…homie would’ve had a nice suede brown boot to the head. o_0

TMZ has learned the attacker may be Vitalii Sediuk — the Ukrainian prankster who did the same thing to Leo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt, and Will Smith. According to his rep, Sediuk is taking credit for lunging at Kim.

He wasn’t arrested on the scene but our Kardashian sources say the paparazzi actually turned on Sediuk and held him down while Kim was whisked away.

Peep the clip HERE in full.

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