Lion King Named The Highest-Grossed Broadway Production Ever, Has Exceeded 6.2 Billion…


Since the birth of 5 star musical in 1997, The Lion King musical has been one of the most talked about broadway shows of it’s time. Tourists from all over have added the musical to their itineraries, marking it as one of the top entertainment destinations to experience.

Accordifng to The Telegraph

Worldwide takings for the musical, which has been running on Broadway since 1997, have exceeded $6.2 billion – far outstripping the box office performance of the 1994 Disney animated film on which it was based, which was almost $1bn.

That means it has overtaken The Phantom of the Opera, even though Andrew Lloyd Webber’s musical has been seen by twice as many paying punters.

The total makes The Lion King more valuable than any single Harry Potter film, the blockbuster film Titanic, or any of the Star Wars movies. By way of comparison, the highest-grossing film in history is Avatar, which took $2.8b worldwide, according to Disney.

“It is the highest-grossing total in box office history,” a Disney spokesman told Reuters. “The $6.2b figure is just the box office of the stage musical.” The spokesman said the show had reached the new record during the summer.

Last year, LK was the highest-grossing musical amongst all New York stages, and it remains in its number one position so far in 2014.

Congrats to the Lion King team! 

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