Kenan Thompson To Leave Saturday Night Live and Move To Los Angeles


Yup, it’s true! Funny man, Kenan Thompson is leaving Saturday Night Live after this season. Although, there is no explanation as to why he is leaving, according to TMZ, the most tenured African-American cast member in the show’s history had planned to leave just last season, but decided to stay after head honcho Lorne Michaels asked him to stay on  – citing the show’s massive turnover this season.

However, Kenan will be leaving the show on good terms, as he will be packing his things, wife and new baby, and heading to the City of Angels. Sounds like Kenan may have a few things lined, as most of the past cast members of SNL. 



It looks like NBC has released a statement, although there is still no word from Kenan himself. Thompson is scheduled to appear on the ‘Today Show’, Thursday to promote the new season, which kicks off Saturday with Chris Pratt and Ariana Grande. Maybe he will make a statement at that point.

NBC USA Today:

“This report is inaccurate, as this season hasn’t even started yet and cast decisions aren’t made until the end of the season.”






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