The FLY-Recap: Joseline Hernandez & Stevie J Brawl At The #LHHATL Reunion Part 2….


Let’s be clear. Last night’s airing of Love & Hip Hop Season 3’S Reunion Show (Part 2) was honestly one of the worst one’s we’ve ever seen.  The moment that Stevie J and Joseline Hernandez jumped out of their seats and bolted towards Benzino and his concubine Althea (and later Tammy (Waka Flocka‘s fiance) …and later Mimi (The show’s foolish mascot) like Lions chasing their prey, was not shocking, but the intense violence was on a whole other level than anything we’ve witnessed.


It was extremely distasteful. If the objective was to be the most talked about reunion show ever, well done. What they also did was lost a fan (Rae speaking) of the entire Love & Hip Hop ATL movement. I think the show is vastly entertaining, but at this point I’m appalled and embarrassed for the entire cast.

Like I stated, to have a cast members rise up out of their seats and have to be restrained by security is commonplace for most reunion shows, especially any on VH1. But to see the level of anger and ferocity that was on that stage was not only far from entertaining, but actually another notch under the belt of negativity often associated with these shows. Smh. One thing is for sure, the reunion show is far from scripted.

Take a look for yourself …

I wanted to recap the entire reunion, but after the brawl it turned into a Joseline & Stevie roasting session, and the remainder of the show failed to touch other reunion worthy topics like: Niko‘s marriage (Apparently the man has been married for 5 Years, making MiMi look like the resident DUMMY once again), Scrappy stepping out on The Bambi with his baby momma & MaMa Dee’s new single.



We’re hoping next week we can get past this, but by the looks of the previews, this issue will dominate once again.


-Stay Fly!

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