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YMCMB‘s Tyga takes a break from the booth and pairs up with the FLAUNT Magazine for a dope fashion spread, and interview. 

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Spotted in the spread, is the rapper’s ex-GF, Blac Chyna, in her birthday suit, showing off her large tattoo, while laying on the floor; looking up to Tyga.

The ex-couple are allegedly not on good terms at the moment. Recently reported via TMZ, Chyna claims that Tyga began hosting raunchy pool parties with “skanky women”, as their 1-year-old King Cairo looks on. She also claims that, Tyga broke their original agreement not to introduce Cairo to their boyfriends and girlfriends, because if another person comes into his life, and then just goes away, it will traumatize Cairo. 

According to Tyga, Chyna is no saint either and has been spending time with other men. There’s been recent threats of a custody court battle between the two since this has all hit the fan. Hopefully, they can work things out for the sake of King Cairo.

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On a lighter note, Tyga spoke with FLAUNT on; growing as an artist, culture, being in school as a kid, his fascination with pharaohs and Egyptian rulers, and more. Peep a few quotes below…

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Describe your environment right now.

I’m in the lobby of my house, just some statues, a tiger cage, got some awards on the wall, some art, a grand piano, white couch, and a white fur rug.

Would you say that most of culture is corny?

Nah, it’s different cultures but most people are good at one thing. A lot of people don’t expand to different cultures and learn different things, and people don’t travel so a lot of people just like to be one way. That’s fine, but why do we have to be just one way, you know?

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Sure, and how do you feel you’re growing right now as an artist?

I’m growing a lot, you know what I’m saying? I’m trying new things out, like my voice and trying different collabs with different artists. I’m more open to more things, especially working with Kanye. It’s things that I wouldn’t hear, that he hears on different songs. Just really opening and broadening your mind when it comes to making music because it’s all about the bigger picture in the outcome.

The issue theme is back to school. If you were to change one thing about your experience with school as a kid, what would it be?

I would have gone to a [business] school or something because I feel like in high school I didn’t really learn nothing. I feel like high school was just a fashion show for me, which was fun, but I mean, looking back I didn’t really gain nothing from high school.

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