The Daily Word: Bobby Shmurda Busted On Gun Charge, Jeezy Pleads Not Guilty


The “Hot N*gga” apparently landed himself in some hot water when he was busted for felony gun possession in NYC TMZ reports.


Shut the door Bobby.  The young Brooklyn phenom was busted on June 3rd in Brownsville, Brooklyn, cops spotted him showing off the 9mm Glock handgun in a apartment according to court documents. He hid the gun under a couch, it was eventually found by the police later along with a clip containing 14 rounds.


He was charged with felony criminal possession of a weapon, a charge that could land the hip-hop phenom in prison for 15 years :-(. We just hope this blows over for the young star and he gets an opportunity to see his career flourish. Our advice to Bobby is leave that old life alone, you got a bright future ahead of you.

Now onto the ongoing saga with Jay Jenkins aka Young Jeezy0825-jay-jenkins-mugshot-young-jeezy-2

Young Jeezy pleaded not guilty to illegal gun charges stemming from an incident on August 24th in Montain View, California. The local police found a military grade AK-47 on Young Jeezy’s tour bus after performing at Wiz Khalifa’s “Under The Influence” tour which he co-headlines.

The tour bus was searched by police after a search warrant was issued after a 38-year-old man was shot to death, the incident happened backstage at the Shoreline Amphitheater. 

Jeezy and five other individuals all pleaded not guilty on illegal weapons charges, they have since been released on a million dollars bail. A pre-heading trial has been set for September 5th, few days after the release of his new album ‘Seen It All: The Autobiography’. According to XXL, Jeezy will be releasing a statement on the situation in the coming days. 


In light of things going on this is becoming all too common. We understand the life these rappers came from always required them looking over their shoulders, but there’s ways of staying safe now. Carrying illegal weapons isn’t the way, these guys are in a position now where they can hire men who can legally carry fire arms for protection. Better than dishing out millions for bail, court and lawyer fees and possibly messing up your rap career. We hope both of these artists learn their lessons from these incidents and they can focus on just music.

How do you feel on both of these artists current situations? Leave your thoughts below.

Stay Fly!

Source: TMZ/ Miss Info

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