FLY Games: “NBA 2K15″‘s Official Trailer Is Here.


When it comes to basketball video games 2K Sports have held the court for a while now. Today 2K Games shows their hand today with the “Yakkem Trailer” for “NBA 2k15”.

2K continues to set the bar very high each year with the game, this year they even added our favorite Inside The NBA analysts Ernie Johnson and Shaq. The gameplay looks even more realistic than last year as well.

The move comes a day after EA Sports announced that Portland Trailblazers young star Damian Lillard will be the cover athlete for their next installment in their “NBA Live” franchise.  1408976148000-NBA-LIVE-15-PS4

If you remember NBA Live used to be a staple in the sports video game genre, after a huge glitch was found in NBA Elite 11 nothing has ever been the same. Numerous setbacks and cancellations have plagued EA Sports once wildly popular basketball franchise. If you haven’t seen the video for what many call the “Bynum/Jesus Glitch” that doomed the Live franchise check it out below.


Yeah we all laughed when that video surfaced, lets just hope EA Sports can right the ship over there this time around.  If its one thing that’s needed in the gaming industry it’s competition, we see what a lack there of can do after while *coughs* Madden 15.

When both games hit the shelves which one will you be picking up? Vote below.

Stay Fly!

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