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Team SFPL was granted an EXCLUSIVE interview with the woman behind one of the most anticipated comebacks in the female Hip Hop world (Well, actually in the current Hip Hop world), Remy Ma!

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After being absent from the game for about six and a half years, the Bronx-born native is back in these streets ready to spit some well missed bars. Team Remy gave SFPL first dibs on a one-on-one with the veteran MC, and we were more excited than a little bit!

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Clad in all black everything featuring a Fendi jacket and Louis Vuitton scarf paired with Tom Ford peep toes, Remy showed up Fly, like she never left!  Step into our exclusive video as Remy discusses what she missed the most, The Sisterhood of Hip Hop, her overall thoughts on Reality TV and of course, her new mixtape and album.

On The Sisterhood Of Hip Hop:

“I think it’s such a great look just to have such a platform for females in this Industry to be displayed on, because a lot of times it’s hard for us being females and being rappers, you have a stigma that we are divas and we’re costly … I just think it’s a good thing to be put out there!”

On What She Missed The Most

The big concerts, The Summer Jam’s, The Award Shows, had me like, Ungh! I wish I was there, You know, things like that. I also wanted to see the On The Run Tour when they were in New York! I was so mad it was going to leave a couple of days before I got there … and I can’t freely leave the state without permission (laughs) so it’s not like I could catch it in the next city.”

On her doing Reality TV

“I would if it were in the right conceptual space. I just wouldn’t do anything, I’m not the type of person that would do anything for money, or anything for fame. I definitely have morals, there’s plenty of times where checks of astronomical sizes were presented to me and I declined because that’s not what I’m about. A lot of people sell their souls  and portray to be people that they are really not and hold up these images just for fame and money… and I’m very cautious of things that I do now.”

Peep the full interview below ….


Rae Holliday, Remy Ma and Gabriel WIlliams-2

Remy took some time to chop and flick it up with the creators of SFPL Rae Holliday (@RaeHolliday) & Gabriel Williams (@GabrielOfSFPL)

-Stay Fly!

Photography By Bernard Smalls of SFPL (@BeanzOfSFPL)

Videography By Nyj of SFPL (@NyjOfficial)

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