The Daily Word: R. Kelly Sued by Old Manager AGAIN…


Looks like some owed cash has definitely slipped out of the closet! Allegedly, R. Kelly owes MORE coins to his former manager Derrel McDavid.

Former manager, Derrel McDavid says he’s managed R. Kelly for decades and helped him navigate from a nobody to a superstar. He exclaims, “I Made You a Star … and You Pissed On Me”; Derrel responds to Kelly.

As of last year, Derrel and Kelly, did not see eye-to-eye yet again; which lead to parting ways. Unfortunately, Kelly has owed Derrel a milli since 2011. According to the lawsuit they made a deal, which Kelly would give Derrel $1.3 million and they’d walk their separate ways.

Derrel says Kelly made the initial $300K payment, but the deal called for additional $40K a month payments for 18 months, and he hasn’t received a cent.

Derrel’s suing for the remainder of the $1M balance.

Sources reached out to Kelly but there has been no response, as of yet.

Photo Credit: Earl Gibson III/Getty Images


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