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Well, it looks like the rumors were true! After just two music collaborations, Ariana Grande and Big Sean are officially an item. Check out more below…

In rumorville, Ariana and Sean have been friends since their very first song together. They have been spending more time together and recently have been getting very close.

According to Eonline:

Where have these rumours come from? Well, Ariana Grande and Big Sean were spotted at The Grove in Los Angeles after leaving the theatre from a late showing of The Purge.

An eyewitness – who should’ve been concentrating on the movie – said that the pair came in about a quarter way in, and only about three people recognised them. The source also claims that he saw the pair kissing during the film, and left before it was over.

We spoke to Ariana this morning (we did, honestly) and when we asked her about this rumour, she cunningly deflected the question by asking if WE were dating Big Sean. Um, no, not to our knowledge. Surely, if she wasn’t dating Big Sean she would have set the record straight.

Well, whatever is going on, we wish them nothing but the best.

What are your thoughts?

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