The Daily Word Sports Edition: Orlando Scandrick Suspended By NFL For Molly Use, LeBron and Carmelo Sport Slimmer Figures


It hasn’t been a good month for Dallas Cowboys CB Orlando Scandrick. First he gets dumped by his now ex-girlfriend Draya Michele, now he gets suspended by the NFL for violating the leagues drug policy.

Never understood why these athletes, who are making tons of money doing something they love to do continue to make such bonehead decisions. But one things clear we know Orlando isn’t too bright, he got caught with Molly in his system. tumblr_migekz7VJE1s559c9o1_500

Popped A molly you suspended wooo! Now Orlando has to sit out 4 games for this upcoming season and have his pockets pinched. 


Can’t #BlameDraya for this one Orlando.

PicMonkey Collage

It’s seems weight loss is the theme for the upcoming NBA season. LeBron James took his talents back to Akron and apparently left his appetite for carbs in Miami. Carmelo Anthony known as the “bully on the block” also got the memo and decided to shed  some pounds. LeBron is reported to have lost about 1o lbs, Carmelo dropped an amazing 20 lbs.

(Beanz speaking) Sheesh I need that workout plan, I’ve put on a few pounds myself. The look great and ready to tackle next season. LeBron is on a mission to bring Cleveland a championship, while Carmelo knows he has a huge task at hand bring the Knicks to the promised land.  Good luck to you both fellas.!

Stay Fly!

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