Fly Re-Cap: 10 Things We Learned From Starz “Power” Season 1…



So after hearing everyone rave about the new Starz original series Power (including Beanz of SFPL, who swears by it) I (Rae speaking) decided to take this series for a spin. An 8- episode Spin. Here’s 10 things we learned from Season One. 


10. This cast needs some sex lessons. 

Ungh. Maybe my favorite Starz original series ever, Spartacus, has me spoiled. Because baby, these are the weakest sex scenes I’ve ever seen in life. I’ve seen dry humping on Facebook better than these intimate scenes. I’m a pervert or nah?

tanisha eye roll

It’s just so unconvincing…. I mean Ghost is a drug dealer right? He lives on the edge right? Well then ….


Somebody show Ghost his predecessor, Tommy (Belly).



9. Tasha didn’t get into Destiny’s Child.

Well … so there are no surprises … I can’t deal with the wife of Ghost, Miss Tasha. *sighs* I’ll get into my frustrations with this young lady a little later. Right now though, if you haven’t been paying attention, Tasha was with Ghost before he was a powerful drug dealer and she is a failed singer in the series.


Nope, not going there.

Tasha tried out for Destiny’s Child. She didn’t get in. She’s a bit bitter. I’m going to end this right here.



8. Tommy is annoying.

There’s always one character on each series that just annoys you down. There’s alway that Jackie Christie on every show. Every show. Tommy (The best friend and partner in crime of the main character, Ghost) is the most annoying person on Power’s earth. He’s the one to watch out for. The Judas in the camp if you ask me. He’s the man Gaga was singing about. Then she disappeared. 


7. We want Tasha replaced.

I don’t know what it is, but I can’t get into Naturi Naughton as Tasha. Maybe I’m secretly still annoyed at her failed attempt to portray Lil’ Kim in the NOTORIOUS B.I.G. Movie many moons ago (Baby, that portrayal was BAD Maybe I absolutely hate every wig she has on during this season (Pumps and a Bump!)? While I wrap my talents around the reason for my dislike, allow me to introduce who we would replace her with ….



I mean, she’s already proved how “hood’ she can be with her recent portrayal of Chardonnay on BET’s “The Game”. Plus she can REALLY sing, #NoShade to the current contender and I’m certain she’d be more realistic given all these circumstances built around Tasha’s marriage to Ghost.


Dawn Richard. 

I mean, since she’s been ummm … Let Go from her girl group responsibilities as a member of the now non-existent girl group DK3 Aka Danity Kane, Dawn might have some time on her hands. After looking at the man in the mirror, I’m sure Dawn could bring all that pinned up frustration and energy into a feisty Tasha that could hold my attention way longer than my normal eye roll.


Teairra Mari.

I mean, she’s doing what? Besides taping scenes for Love & Hip Hop LA (Allegedly) I think she’d give that real sassy hood-ness the show needs from Tasha. You remember her in The Lottery Ticket right?


Need I say more?



6. Shawn and his father are five years apart. 

I don’t know who was in charge of this casting, but the character that plays the son of 50 Cent’s character, Shawn is a clear mistake. He looks like he’s clearly 5 years younger than 50. which makes the scenes between the two of them pretty unrealistic and awkward. I mean, unless they want the viewers to think 50 was penetrating at the age of 7, then we’ll back down. 



5. Thank You 50 cent for only being in eight minutes of this entire season.

Part of what took me so long to watch this series was the name attached to it, 50 Cent. I’ve seen enough of 5o’s acting. I’m good. Some names just don’t entice me to jump when acting is concerned. Sorry 50, you’re on the list. However, I wasn’t completely mad at the snippets he was given this season. I’ll have to brace myself for Season 2 though, because it’s quite apparent that he’s gonna be a FULL-TIME employee for season 2. 


4. We gotta put LaLa Keisha on mute.

Lord, they done turned our LaLa into Keisha, the hood girl from around the corner who ain’t use to nothing and totally lives in her home-girls back pocket. I can’t deal. Every time Keisha opens her mouth I close my eyes and think happy thoughts. This only means La is doing a good job, because I’d kick Keisha out of my house every day, just for thinking. 



3. The other woman is always included …

Why is there always the other woman? Lord, can’t we have a good quality show without a mistress?


At least this side-chick ain’t brown i.e. Olivia Pope or Mary Jane … but I digress, she’s still a woman of color. And Power’s mistress comes in the form of a hot Latina named Angela. Angela knows that Ghost is married, but still spreads her legs to married men.



2. Tommy and his girlfriend gotta go.

Two peas in a pod. Dumb & Dumber.  The duo that is Tommy and what’s her name are sure to make you roll your eyes at least 5 times per episode. Between his thirst to be in charge of the entire drug ring, to her thirst to have everything she can’t afford, they are a recipe for complete disaster. 

What a train wreck waiting to happen.


1. We’re ready for Season Two.

All and all it has proved to be a series worth getting into. With the green light for season two. we shall see just how many of our points come true.

We’re ready.

-Stay Fly!

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