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CFL Sept '14 Cover

Zoe Saldana flashes a radiant smile on the cover of the September issue of Cosmopolitan for Latinas, on newsstands nationwide August 12th. The ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ star poses in a Julien MacDonald dress; and speaks to the magazine about her children with husband Marco Perego, what makes a man sexy, and how she feels about her sci-fi career. 

CFL Sept '14 Zoe Saldana 3

On whether her children with husband Marco Perego will learn to speak Spanish:

“Of course [our children] will speak the languages that we speak; my sisters and I grew up learning French and speaking English and Spanish, and because of that, we’re able to understand Italian and Portuguese. But I’m going to have to make a conscious effort to speak Spanish to my children, because I speak Spanglish.”


On loving her age:

“At 35, you make better choices in men or partners, divorce people and situations that are not right for you, and learn to say ‘no’ with a smile.”

 CFL Sept '14 Zoe Saldana 3 (1)

On what makes a man sexy:

“A man who has a natural respect for women – I don’t want a man who worships me: Stay away from those. Worshipping doesn’t count as really seeing me. I like men who work with women, are challenged by women, learn from women.”


On the most essential quality for a good sex life:

“To be uninhibited. I’m not talking about bringing in a third person or watching porn all night: That’s what leads people to believe they are amazing in bed when they’re the worst ever. Pornography is not sex education – it’s the opposite! Don’t allow insecurities to close you off. Be creative.”

CFL Sept '14 Zoe Saldana 4 

On how being Latina affects her relationships:

“It’s one of the biggest factors about me: the fire, the passion, the “in your face” quality. I’m not going to say, ‘Whatever you want, whatever you say.’ I’ll say, ‘You know what I think? I feel this.’”


On debating whether or not to accept her now famous role in Avatar:

“When you’re younger and offered a part like that, you will have a moment of vanity, like, ‘Nobody’s gonna see my face.’ And at that moment you have to ask yourself, am I a celebrity? Or am I an artist?”

Photo Credit: Alexei Hay

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