Elijah Blake – “6” / “Fallen” [Fly Visual]


On Elijah Blake‘s first single off of his upcoming EP, ‘Drift’ (September), the singer-songwriter reflects back over his childhood; just at the tender age of 6 providing songs “6”/”Fallen”: produced by No I.D. and James Poyser. Musically pouring out his feelings through song, the singer digs deep within his soul, and delivers the most profound visual, and vocals to date. Peep the moving Sean Alexander – directed video below… 

Quotes from Elijah:

About the song’s story:

All your mannerisms are developed when you’re 6-years old, such as who you are or if you’re a glass half full or glass half empty type of person. I looked back to what I went through when I was a 6-year old. I went through religion being shoved down my throat and my biological dad being the Island guy who was really strict and pulled out the belt for everything. It affects me till this day, like how I am in relationships. I still have a hard time trusting people.

About his dad hearing the song:

My biological father hasn’t heard it. When we [artists] sign up for this — to use our stories to help somebody deal better with a familiar situation — it’s not about ourselves; Now, other guys can hear this story and think, ‘He went throughout this. I’m not crazy feeling this type of way too.’

What I won’t say about my father, though, is that he’s a deadbeat; he’s not. He definitely went out of his way to be in my life. But, there were certain times that my mom pushed him away because she didn’t want me to be like him. He’s an Island guy who is set in his ways, and that’s the only way he knew how to discipline.

But, I also witnessed be my mother function as a mother and a father. She taught me things he should have taught me, while having three jobs.

About “6” fitting within the upcoming EP:

I’m calling the EP Drift because I want people to play it and find themselves in my world, and see how our worlds are connected. When Jay [Brown] heard it, he said: “I get who Elijah Blake is as a person. I get you.” And, that’s all I want. I want fans to know who I am.

Drift is a train of thought. This is what I’ve been going through; It’s the mind state that I’m in when I’m upset with myself, with the label… everything.

Check out more of the interview over at Billboard.com.

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