New Music: Beyoncé – “Flawless” (Remix) Feat. Nicki Minaj [Fly Music]

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Oh, Happy Day! When Jesus walks!

Two of the biggest names in the music industry (and two of the most notorious stan-bases, i.e. The Bey Hive & The Barbz) have stepped down from their thrones in the heavens to collaborate on the remix to Queen Bey’s “Flawless”.


God Damn, God Damn, GOD DAMN!

Nicki Minaj promised her fans a huge surprise when she announced her single “Anaconda” was suffering a set back. The surprise should have been that she changed her mind about releasing Anaconda after listening to it and realizing how TERRIBLE it is…


However, Nicki has joined forces with the Mother Of All Things Glorious, Beyoncé  for the official remix of “Flawless”, off Bey’s self titled album Beyoncé.

Come on in and have a seat on the good sofa, and let me pour you a Rae Holliday ice tea while you gear up for our leader to take you on a trip…

Did you miss your exit?

I heard this song yesterday, on a Sunday, The Lord’s day. As I struggled with nodding my head uncontrollably, I couldn’t help but understand why the good Lord gave his head angel Beyonce the green light to releases this release on the Sabbath.

I mean after all, on the fourth day, he made Beyonce.



When I heard Bey was gonna spit a few bars on this remix I thought to myself, Good Lord, bless this collaboration. When Chris Brown started rapping I lost two days of sleep. And when Brandy started rapping I called the police on her because she killed my ear drums. But Bey, she DID THAT, I mean no shade to the barbz but her voice was better than Nicki’s. I did appreciate what Nicki added to this situation, her MJ reference was a bit much and I did actually want her to pack a harder punch, but I’ll take it.


“Of course sometime sh-t goes down when there’s a billion dollars on an elevator…” – Beyonce


-Stay Fly!


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