The Word: Dwyane Wade Knew LeBron James Was Going Back To Cleveland


We have wondered if Dwyane Wade knew his brother as he affectionately calls him LeBron James was gonna return to the Miami Heat.

Wade recently broke his silence to the South Florida Sun Sentinel Friday telling them he could tell from LeBron’s body language that he was going home while on flight back from Vegas where LeBron held his skills camp.

Wade on Lebron’s decision:

Yeah, I went to sleep knowing, He called me the next day. But I knew then. Obviously he still had to say the final yay or nay, but I knew. I could tell.

On supporting LeBron’s decision:

As his friend, I’m just supportive, As crazy as that might sound, I’m supportive of my friends doing what makes them happy. Obviously, same thing with him in this situation. You’ve gotta do what makes you happy — selfishly do what makes you happy. The decision to go back home was that.

He also informed the news paper that he didn’t make any pitches to make LeBron stay in Miami during his visit to Vegas.

Love it or hate it what Wade, Bron and Bosh did for the NBA was positive, they made it extremely fun to watch. You either wanted to see them fail miserably or come out on top, the most important point is you watched. Who knows if we will see a team of that magnitude again, four straight finals and two championships is no small feat. This upcoming season though will be one to watch as we will all want to see if Bron can finally deliver an elusive NBA championship to his home town.

Oh and the Heat will play the Cavaliers Christmas Day!

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Stay Fly!

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