Daily Word: Russell Simmons Says He Would Have Signed Shaq Back In The Day!


TMZ caught up with  legendary mogul Russell Simmons while he was in NYC, they asked him if there was any athlete he wished worked with or sign.


The transition from superstar athlete to rap star is a hard one, ask Deion SandersAllen Iverson aka Jewelz, Floyd Mayweather, Roy Jones Jr. (y’all must of fogot) and Kobe Bryant. Only one athlete has successfully juggled a rap career and sports career and that man was Shaquille O’Neal. Immediately Uncle Rush said he wished worked with Shaq and signed him to Def Jam when he was the head honcho. Lets not forgot Shaq does have a platinum album under his belt *coughs*


Annnnnnd also free-styled a diss track towards his one time Lakers teammate Kobe Bryant, watch below.


He recently made a pitch to Pharrell to be on the upcoming basketball video game NBA2K15 soundtrack. That particular freestlye was pretty bad, but we will attribute that to rust. Watch his pitch video below.


Givie the Diesel sometime…we’re pretty sure he can come up with another hit record.
Stay Fly!
Source: TMZ Sports

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