The Word: Nelly Takes A Jab At Floyd MayweatherJr.

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It seems now Floyd Mayweather  has more opponents outside of the ring instead of in it. Veteran rapper Nelly took a jab at the undefeated boxer on ESPN’s popular show Highly Questionable with Dan Le Batard and Bomani Jones.

Floyd as of late has been picking more fights with rappers (Nelly and T.I.) than actual boxers these days *coughs* (Manny Pacquiao) dodging him like the punches thrown his way.


Floyd and Nelly have been embroiled in “beef” ever since Floyd’s ex Shantel Jackson took her talents to Nelly’s bedroom. Since then Floyd and Nelly have been exchanging verbal punches back and  forth via social media. Nelly made it even more clear about his disdain for the future hall of fame boxer, saying “it’s kind of hard talking to someone who hasn’t graduated high school” on the ESPN show.


It wasn’t the most damaging thing Floyd has ever heard against his character, but it was funny.mj-laughing

Peep the interview in its entirety below.


Since it seems we will never get a Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs Manny Pacquiao fight no time soon, we definitely wouldn’t mind seeing these two duke out in the ring. It can be a charity situation, something to help benefit the youth and at the same time settle their differences once and for all. Nelly has a punchers chance right? Besides Floyd hasn’t knocked anyone out in years just saying. 


This will only get more interesting.

Stay Fly!

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