SFPL Interview: Claudette Ortiz speaks on New Album, Family, R&B Divas L.A. & more…

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Claudette Ortiz is the all-american sweetheart that we all love! From the musically acclaimed group, City High to now being the co-star on TV One‘s hit rated reality show, ‘R&B Divas: LA’; Claudette is now back in full swing and ready to take on the music world, yet again. Peep our full interview below, as the songstress speaks on her family, a new upcoming album, her style and more. 

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On what’s new with Claudette: 

“Just finished filming the 2nd season of R&B Divas L.A. which premiered on July 16th on TV One. I’m also finishing up working on a album — we just put out a single called “Automatic.” “I’ve also been doing shows here and there, as well as, doing readings for a few movie scripts. “

On what we can expect from the new album: 

“Well, i’m going to have a few tracks paired with heavy bass lines. I will also have some love songs and some really great world healing type of songs that I feel like is needed right about now. And also, just take it little by little, take our time and make sure we deliver the music correctly; and that we provide the maximum results of each single. Right now, we’re still working on the album and there is no release date as of yet.”

What to expect on the new season of R&B Divas L.A.:

“Man, it’s a roller coaster — we’re traveling, we went to Puerto Rico, we all did a song together, two new different personalities; so it gets interesting, make sure you tune in! I can’t give away too much! (LOL)” 


Claudette also speaks on fashion and her favorite accessories (in which she can’t leave the home without) : 

“I have to have earrings on! When I don’t have earrings on I feel naked because I have all of this hair, and it covers up my ears, so I have to have earrings on. (LOL)”

On her everyday style:

“I like to be comfortable but still represent myself nicely. I am a jeans girl but like to dress it up and mix it with accessories; rings, bangles, necklaces and earrings. When you have accessories, your hair looks nice paired with lipgloss, it can take your outfit a long way. But I try to keep on a nice pairs of sneaks for the most part. I do a lot of walking and i’m pretty active with my children as well, so I try to be as comfortable as possible.”

On her children:  

“They’re great! They’re wonderful! They’re the apple of my eyes! I enjoy being with them and they’re happy — so everything is good! “

On her children being involved in entertainment business: 

“Well, I try not to put them in anything right now — even if they tell me personally that they wanted to be involved in something pertaining entertainment (which they have yet to ask). I feel like that’s a decision they should make when they’re adults. But if they do decide that they want to go the entertainment route as an adult, then I would support them, and I will try to give them as much guidance as possible; based off of my past experiences. I know my oldest son wants nothing to do with entertainment. He told me that already (LOL)! He likes to sing and play the piano. But he said he doesn’t want to do it as his job but just as his hobby. I’m kind of relieved of that! (LOL). But right now, I wouldn’t make that decision for them.”

Congrats to Claudette on her continued success! We’re so happy she’s back in the booth! 

Tune in to R&B Divas: LA on Wednesdays 10/9c!

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