Caption This: Does Yaya Dacosta Favor Whitney Houston in this first Biopic Pic?


Former America’s Next Top Model contestant Yaya DaCosta‘s first biopic pic of the late Whitney Houston has hit the cyber streets and we’ve been seeing quite a few positive reactions. Check it out below… 



As reported in recent days, Yaya is set to play the legendary Whitney Houston in a Lifetime biopic directed by actress Angela Bassett. The iconic cover is from Whitney’s self-titled album from the year of 1987 – rocking fresh big curls, blush, eye shadow and a bright red lip; paired with a sexy wife beater.

Yaya says to Entertainment Weekly:

“I just looked at the picture and did the pose!” 

We think Yaya looks great and favors Nippy completely in the above pic! Now, let’s just hope the biopic matches. 

[Entertainment Weekly]


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