Upcoming tour mates and now YRB Magazine July 2014 cover mates, Austin Mahone and Fifth Harmony provide their talents and youthfulness to YRB’s latest issue. Both acts are set to soon tour with each other as well! Also, Fifth Harmony release their new visual entitled “BO$$” – check out more info below…


YRB quotes:

“We’ve selected Austin Mahone and Fifth Harmony as our cover artists for this issue because they embody the spirit of Summer. The two artists are going on tour together starting this month, and they both represent the essences of youthfulness and being carefree. We wanted to have fun this Summer yet take both Austin and the ladies of Fifth Harmony to another level. I hope you all enjoy it.”


Congrats to both Austin x Fifth Harmony on making the cover!

Tune into the ladies of Fifth Harmony as they premiere their new visual entitled “BO$$”! Check it out below…

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