Video: Amber Rose Speaks with BlogXilla On ‘The No Judgement Zone’

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On this week’s episode of GlobalGrind x BlogXilla‘s “No Judgement Zone”, model-actress Amber Rose drops by to chat it up a bit with Xilla. Check it out below…

On Being A Nerd In Grade School

I wasn’t [popular] in grade school. I got picked on a lot, I was a total nerd then when I got into high school I was very popular. I used to come home and cry to my mom, like they are calling me four eyes. She would say, ‘Just tell them four eyes are better than two, and I always used to say that and I would be feeling myself like four eyes are better than two and they would be like, she’s right they are. So it kind of helped me out a little bit.”

On Becoming Popular in High School

It was hard because girls didn’t want to be my friend because all the boys liked me, in school, but I had a couple of other friends who were pretty popular, but the majority of girls didn’t like me.

On How Being Plus Sized Helped Her Launch Rose and Ono.

After I had Sabastian I was plus size and I really didn’t know how to dress for my figure at that time because I was so used to wearing crop tops and tights. So I kind of just wore baggy clothes. So Priscilla being a plus sized girl she was like “girl you just need to do this and do that…” So I was like we should do an online store for every girl, so there is no girl left out. That’s what we decided to do. We did it with our own money, we are 50/50 partners.

On Her Son The Bash Talking & Being A Happy Baby

He’s a very happy rambunctious little boy. If he wants to play the piano, if he wants to play the violin, if he wants to do karate. He loves books. Whatever he wants to be I just want him to be happy. We talk to our son all day long. He’s 16 months and he talks. When he wants to go outside he’s like go. If he wants to eat he’s like food. Anything he wants he can say it. He knows exactly what he’s talking about.

On Her Fear Her Son Will Be Cyber Bullied On Social Media

The only thing that does scare me is social media. People are very mean, they are very hurtful and people are getting cyber bullied. I can only imagine that 10 years from now if he’s on the computer and getting cyber bullied. I just need to make sure that I am always there for my son that I know exactly what’s going on at all times. So I can prevent him from getting depressed or having anxiety. Thats what a lot of kids go through now. So I can imagine that in the years to come it’s only going to get worse.

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