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Now listen, we all have that one sports team that we go absolutely crazy for! Some choose basketball, some football, others tennis, you know where I’m going with this, lol. Where’s my passion? Oh, I’m so glad you asked! I’m passionate and dedicated to supporting the international efforts of Team USA in this year’s World Cup! I’m actually pretty passionate about most New York teams, but when we take it out of the country it’s USA ALL DAY! Now, I’m not NOT rowdy, overly aggressive, or overly boisterous fan, but I represent my teams in a quieter way that’s JUST as effective! You’ll find me decked out in my teams colors during game day. I’m loyal. I don’t waiver. I don’t just hop on any winning team, it’s my team or NOTHING! I live and die through the good and the bad, and I rock with all the players I support and love. 

Now, what does all of this have to do with you? 

BACARDÍ is sending one lucky fan and their guest on the trip of a lifetime! And I do mean a LIFETIME! Prove you’re an Untameable Fan by offering up your most prized possession for an exclusive trip to one of the countries whose team is playing in the final World Cup match. Experience the Final Match surrounded by the most Untameable Fans in the world. Yes. It’s that simple. What would I give up? Glad you asked!


This mobile hotspot is the key to my heart. My lifeline. It allows me to have internet access no matter WHERE I am! Even when my regular wifi service begins to act crazy, my trusty hot spot is always on time! I’d give this baby up for an entire WEEK (believe me, that’s a life time in 2014) for an all expense paid trip to one of the countries whose team is playing in the final World Cup match!

So head to the BACARDÍ Untameable Fan page and upload a pictire of the item you would give up for this trip! No selfies please, lol. Check out the “Sacrifice Gallery” on the BACARDÍ Untameable Fan page and Enter to Win today!

The Cuba Libre is the #1 drink of the official drink of the BACARDÍ Untameable Fan and you can check out that cocktail and more on the “Champions Cocktail” section of the site!

Now, the question is, what are you willing to give up? And who is your favorite team?

Make a Sacrifice

-Stay Fly!

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