In Fashion: Moguls & Mfg., A Brooklyn Based Necktie Label


Moguls & Mfg., a Brooklyn based necktie label, was born early last year but the minds behind it have been in the industry quite sometime. Father and son duo, Junior and El, continue to manufacturer neckties for Major U.S. menswear designers while quietly bringing their own brand to forefront. Check out more of  their fly necktie line below…


Junior first started out at YSL after graduating from Fashion Institute of Technology. He found early in his career that he simply loved crafting a beautiful product and dove into Manufacturing. 30 years later he has produced neckties for almost every major U.S. menswear label around and still operates out of his Brooklyn factory in the DUMBO neighborhood.


Growing up around his father’s business El gained not only an appreciation for handcrafted products but also an appetite for fashion. His imagination today is something he cultivated over years of watching his father create order after order for clients like Michael Kors, Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, and Ralph Lauren to name a few.

As Executive Creative Director El strives to push the boundaries of what a tie can be made of and represent while Junior simply makes it happen. El had this to say about their designs:


“I’ve tried sequins, denim, Indian head scarves, and even fabric that was intended for traditional Japanese robes. I just want to keep figuring out how far we can go. I think the further outside of the nuances of the industry we end up the more it provides options for when and why someone could wear a tie.”


Along with El’s creativity and Junior’s experience in garment manufacturing Moguls & Mfg. are not only a label pushing the boundaries of style but quality and price too. Junior refuses to settle, he still uses wool liners, handmade labels, high-quality fabrics, and their signature denim tipping/loop to make a product that competes with their manufacturing clients but is available for purchase at a fraction of the cost. Junior knows first hand how much a $150-$250 necktie cost to make. He says:


“I’m very proud to manufacture the type of product that can command that price, but it’s not our only goal to make money. We want our customers to experience a quality product; something that is unique, made properly, and that doesn’t cost a fortune. For $49.99-$69.99 you can buy any of our ties that would easily sell in the $150-$250 price range from one of our Major U.S. Menswear clients.”

Make your way over and purchase your very own necktie today! 


Facebook, Twitter, Instagram: MogulsandMfg


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