Fly Cars Review: 2014 Cadillac ELR – ‘Provocative Meets Sophistication’

2014 Cadillac ELR

What can we say about the new 2014 Cadillac ELR?! Packed with elegance, a sporty vibe and a provocative demeanor, it controls the roadways like no other leaving others gasping for air at its sure presence.



Starting off at 75k, the new ELR is packed with a few major technology punches that is sure to grab your attention! From custom GPS Navigation, BOSE speaker system, XM Satellite Radio, Bluetooth Technology, hands-free speaker, USB connectors, driving modes (Tour, Sport, Mountain and Hold), radar sensors and cameras with Alert Seat, moderate custom cruise control that slows down and picks up speed, all electronically operated and so much more.


The ELR is also equipped with intensive LED lighting both inside and out, giving the well-crafted car a stunning and eclectic look. The LED lights use only a fraction of the power for enhance nighttime visibility and power management. With the hidden electronic smart pad door handles, 20″ rims, the ELR gives the wind little to hold on to, while the LED lighting with an array of other lighting bounces off the crisp design bringing it’s provocativeness into play.


To top off all of the major functions of the ELR, it’s also a HYBRID! Talk about saving on gas while seated in a little class! 🙂 On average, it takes about 5 hours for the battery to fully charge at 240 V giving you at least 37 miles on electricity stored in the battery, and 340 miles on electricity stored in the battery, plus electricity developed by the generator. The amount of money you save on gas alone is amazing!


All in all, the ELR is packed with functionality, extreme technology with ultimate comfort. If your ever in the driver’s seat for a test drive or purchase, prepare yourselves for the abundance attention and a new look on roadway experience. It’s a treat that’s worth the investment! 



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