SFPL’s Artist Spotlight: Alexus Rose (@alexusrosemusic) – “Actions” [Video]

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Alexus Rose is the musical brainchild and talented gem of super producer Ricky Blaze. This Brooklyn songstress is making a name for herself in the world of R&B the best way she knows how, and there’s no stopping her. Check out this sexy video about love & trust, which features model-actor Lawrence Robinson as her leading man. Peep the visual below…


Brooklyn born songstress Alexus Whitlee Bedeau dreams to take her musical passion and through her lyrics and songs share her story with the world.

“If I can successfully speak to people through music then that would make my dream the greatest reality!” says Alexus.

Born April 7, 1991 and adopting the moniker of Alexus Rose, the sexy boyish trendsetter musical path took roots in 2006. Inspired by the multi-cultural sounds of her city and distinctive strong vocals set to Ricky Blaze’s pulsating drum beats and groovy melodic flow has already made Alexus a household name in the city she represents so proudly.

“I would love to pave a way and open more doors for Brooklyn artist! There’s so much talent in my city! STARTING WITH ME! ALEXUS ROSE”

With the help of Billboard producer Ricky Blaze who took her under his wing and began co-writing and producing songs for her, Alexus Rose’s creative development has been flourishing and making waves in the industry by delivering hit bound music.


Available on iTunes ‘AlexusRoseActions

Directed By: Ricky Blaze x Johnny Rose Films

Twitter: @AlexusRoseMusic @RickyBlaze

FME Recordings LLC

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