Leigh Bush – ‘A Night In Forever’ [SFPL Tunes]


Last year saw R&B singer Sammie transition into a mature, debonaire Leigh Bush. Setting the internet ablaze with ‘The Leigh Bush Project’ with more than 400 thousand downloads, he’s now back with ‘A Night In Forever’ before he releases ‘The Leigh Bush Project 2’ later this year.

Now available on iTunes, the Joe Jones for Luv Jonez Muzik-produced track was written by Leigh Bush with all background vocals executed by Leigh Bush and his sister Krystal Bush. The dynamic track was mixed by Steve Hybicki and Troy Taylor.

“With this record, I really channeled that classic R. Kelly sound, who in my eyes still remains the King of the R&B throne. The record feels good and it’s time to bring that love, soul and passion back to the forefront. Although it’s a story of intimacy for one night, the chemistry between two lovers equates to ‘A Night In Forever.'”

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