SFPL & GIANT’s 2013 Holiday Gift Guide: Top 5 Tablets



Tablet usage has grown substantially over the past years and Apple’s dominance is no longer a rubber stamp with devices from Microsoft, Samsung and others challenging for market share. Here are some of our choices to pick up.



iPad Air – $499

Still one of the sexiest on the market and now weighing a mere pound, the Apple guys have packed a lot into the iPad Air. Two antennas for better Wi-Fi, thinner frame, a faster 64-bit processor, a battery that will let you work for 10 hours easily and a few other tune-ups make it a worthy successor to the previous iPads.

Stand Mode Yoga Tablet

Lenovo Yoga Tablet 10 – $289

The first thing you notice about Lenovo’s Yoga Tablet is the new design that resembles a rolled up magazine. This little addition gives it a natural and familiar grip for easy handling. It houses the new battery that lasts about 12 hours. It also serves as the linchpin for the 3 modes of the Yoga (handheld, standing and the new typing mode). And in the $300 range, it’s a good choice for tablet seekers on a budget.


Microsoft Surface Pro 2 – $899

As more units running Windows 8 roll off the assembly line, the Microsoft Hybrid Surface Pro 2 (big brother to the RT) is the one to get. The new version touts a new jazzed up processor, a 2 stage kickstand giving a user more flexibility, crisper display, better keyboard response and 75 percent more battery life. It’s still a bit large and heavy to be a true tablet, but in versatility, and getting work done, no one does it better.




Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 (2014 Edition) – $550

Samsung’s predecessor to its first Note tablet has added some bells and whistles that make it a real head turner and feel more like the high-end device it is. The new Galaxy Note 10.1 integrates many of the Galaxy 4s updates and better S-Pen optimization with the new Air Command interface. Add to it a 10.1 display wrapped in a faux leather rear casing that gives it that luxurious feel that was missing from the predecessor.


Nexus 7 - hero - press site

Google Nexus 7 – $230

For the price and size, it’s hard to find a better option that the Nexus 7. Lighting quick processor speed that has apps and webpages opening virtually instantaneously, a display that rivals larger, high-end tablets and options like restricted profiles and wireless charging are just a few of the things that makes the Nexus 7 one of the best bargains on the Android system.

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