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Hailing from Charlotte, North Carolina – Kristal Lyndriette appears back on the scene as a solo artist on singer Tyrese‘s label, Voltron Records. You may remember Kristal being in a past girl group called RichGirl, which the group was formed by Rich Harrison and managed by Tina Davis.

Now Kristal is making moves of her own and decides to drop a new free-tune entitled “Silhouette”. The beautiful soul-maven is set to release her debut untitled disc in the summer of 2014.

Tyrese established Voltron Recordz in 2009 as antithesis to the traditional recording label: “I have full respect and admiration for the record music process,” says the Grammy nominated artist and CEO of Voltron Recordz.

“However, in my house, I wanted to use some of the disciplines of traditional label practices and the lessons that I have learned from the buying public so that I may present the best sonic efforts possible.” He continues, “In Kristal’s album, both fans, radio programmers and music directors will find an in-depth record which not only sounds amazing but will touch you in a way that music hasn’t in a very long time.”

Humility, a passion for music, and a chance meeting led Kristal to Tyrese Gibson. When musical minds connect, history is made. We’ve learned about it in the past: Berry Gordy and Diana Ross; Clive Davis and Whitney Houston; Babyface and Toni Braxton, and Clive and Alicia Keys. So to see the partnership of Tyrese Gibson and Kristal written in the annals of history is not a leap of faith.

“An artist like Kristal may come along once in a decade,” says Gibson. “I am just overjoyed that I have the opportunity to present her talents to the world.”

With a new single “Silhouette” which made its terrestrial debut at Atlanta’s V103, Kristal is off to a great start and is prepared for the exciting journey which lies ahead.

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