FLY Interviews: The SFPL Sits Down With The Lead Faces of Atlantic High Jusitne Skye & Trevor Jackson

The SFPL recently caught up with Atlantic Records brightest stars Justine Skye and Trevor Jackson. We got a chance to talk to them about being the new faces of Atlantic High, being on tour, musical inspirations and new projects.


SFPL: For those that know you, tell everyone about yourself.

Justine Skye: Hey Everyone I’m Justine Skye I’m signed to Atlantic Records. Just recently got signed, like it hasn’t even been a year yet. But… things are going really well for me. I Just released an EP called ‘Everyday Living’ it’s out right now on Itunes and it definitely has like an old school late 90’s early 2000’s vibe to it. That inspiration comes from Aaliyah, BeyonceDestiny’s ChildJanet JacksonBrandy and Missy Elliot like all the great people from those times. I just definitely want to bring R&B back.

SFPL: As the far as the “Everyday Living’ being out, anything else for fans to look out for?  Are you working on any other projects?

Justine Skye: Right now I’m on a High School Nation tour so it’s going out to the all the high schools like around the Midwest and the East Coast, like 20 states.  So that’s what I’m doing right now, that’s the focus right now but after that I’m gonna head out to L.A. to my studio and I’m gonna start working on my second EP. That one is gonna come out like around February, then I’m gonna start working on the album.

SFPL: So how’s tour life? I know it’s pretty much a rush. Is it exciting for you?

Justine Skye: Yes it’s definitely a rush. It’s my first tour so it’s really like exciting and I’m just happy to be waking up and performing in front of everyone everyday. It’s great; I think I’m doing a pretty good job at it (laughs).

SFPL: Any crazy tour stories?

Justine Skye:  Not really… This one girl cried when I was singing, when I was performing and I was just wow I cannot believe I just like made someone cry. But it was tears of joy of course.

SFPL: There’s gonna be a lot more of that, definitely a lot more of that.  I see you’re very popular on Instagram and Tumblr so what is that like?

Justine Skye:  That started to build up before I got signed cause they’re just like hanging out with my friends and being myself. They started to gravitate towards that because they just saw how real it was and how it authentic it was. They just wanted to be a part of that they wanted to see it. Like kids who live who live in like Ohio or like Indiana or somewhere they can’t reach that city life in New York. They felt like they were living it through us.

SFPL: What’s it like being the lead face for Atlantic High?

Justine Skye: It’s definitely an honor. I mean I think it’s a great thing to be promoting the youth in Atlantic and I mean the youth are the leaders of our generation.  So they make the rules and they make what’s hot.

SFPL: So whom is Justine Skye listening to right now?

Justine Skye: Right now I’ve been listening to a lot of Drake. The album just came out it’s absolutely amazing so that’s definitely who I’m into right now.

SFPL: The ladies love Drake.

Justine Skye: (Laughs) Girls love Drake.

SFPL: Yes they do.

Justine’s EP ‘Everyday Living’ is out now on Itunes.

Connect with Justine Skye on Instagram: @JustineSkye, Twitter: @JustineSkye


SFPL: For those who don’t know can you tell everyone who you are?

Trevor Jackson: Wassup y’all I’m Trevor Jackson Atlantic recording artist and I just wanna make music for the world.

SFPL: Can you tell us a little about your background growing up?

Trevor Jackson: I’m from Indianapolis, Indiana, started off tap dancing from the age of 3 and really just went with that. Competed in a whole a bunch of different places that led to acting, acting led to a local show I did in Nap (Indianapolis) called the Beef and Boards Christmas show. I did the Lion King Broadway show for 3 years and that kind of changed my whole perspective on life and what I wanted to do. I moved to L.A. when I was about 11, while I was out there I did some shows I Eureka on the Syfy channel for 2 years, Cold Case, Harry’s Law, Let It Shine the Disney movie and then I was like music is what I am missing. SO I started meeting with managers, went with Primary Wave met with labels all labels were interested but Atlantic just seemed to be as hungry as I was for what I had to do.

SFPL: So who are some of your musical inspirations?

Trevor Jackson:  Definitely Michael Jackson would be one of the first ones, but also I love Ray Charles, I love Donny Hathaway, Brian McKnight and Gary LeVox from Rascal Flats. A lot of people.

SFPL:  Ahhh so you got like an old soul.

Trevor Jackson: A little bit, you can say that.

SFPL: It’s kind of rare you know, a lot of young guys say the new acts. You say more of the old acts, so that means you appreciate music a lot more.

Trevor Jackson: Well I love music that will last when I’m gone and my children are gone. I like a lot of meaningful music.

SFPL: How does it feel being one of the lead faces for Atlantic High?

Trevor Jackson: It feels great man, I feel like it was probably the best decision of my life was to with Atlantic. Everybody is so nice and has been supporting me; whatever I need they’re there. To just have that responsibility of being one of the young African-American artists on Atlantic, so I really take that seriously. So I really wanna make them look good as I make myself look good.

SFPL: Dope, so your EP is out ‘New Thang’.

Trevor Jackson: Yup!

SFPL: I know you’re excited about that.

Trevor Jackson: Super excited!

SFPL: So what’s next for Trevor Jackson?  Can you tell anything to your fans? Are their anymore-acting roles on the way they can lookout for?

Trevor Jackson: Hey if an actor role comes up bro, it’s the right timing it’s the right role I definitely wanna do it. I always said I wanna be the Denzel of acting and the Michael Jackson of music so definitely anything I can do bro. I definitely wanna take advantage of all aspects of life, but what’s next is the album, but I also wanna do some Christmas stuff coming up. It’s almost December so I’m gonna write some Christmas records and then top of the year the album drops. I’m super duper excited.

SFPL: So you’re on tour right now for High School Nation. Can you tell me more about that? Are you excited about that?

Trevor Jackson: Yeah we already 15 cities already in a span of like 2 or 3 weeks. So it’s been going really, really good, the fans are responsive, the crowds were loving it, the crowds are just gets bigger and bigger every time and it’s getting more and more hyped.

SFPL: Any crazy tour stories you wanna share?

Trevor Jackson: Not really any crazy ones, there always gonna be a little chaos after the show. One time it was raining we got backstage and somehow this one girl got backstage screamed and whole bunch of them just ran backstage. They just rushed me to car and we had to drive off.

SFPL: Well that’s nothing to complain about.

Trevor: (Laughs)

SFPL: That’s a great thing.

 Trevor’s EP ‘#NewThang’ is available on Itunes now.

Connect with Trevor on Instagram: @TrevorJackson5,  Twitter: @TrevorJackson5

 Stay Fly!




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