The Daily Word: Victor Cruz Admits Dad Use to Beat Him with a Cable Wire at Cipha Sounds’ Hip Hop Improv



On Friday, October 4, 2013, Victor Cruz of the NY Giants was featured in the Hip Hop Improv Show – ‘TAKE IT PERSONAL’ presented by Hot 97’s Cipha Sounds and Upright Citizens Brigade (UCB), the top improv theater and school in NYC. Improvisers from Cipha Sounds’ team A Tribe Called YES (Christian Capozzoli, Abra Tabak, Lydia Hensler, Brandon Gardner, Phil Jackson and Cipha Sounds) reenacted stories originally told by NFL Star Victor Cruz.   



Victor reflects candidly on growing up on the “rougher side” of Patterson, NJ, running with the not so squeaky clean crew when growing up, as well as his uncordial airport encounter with Dennis Rodman. Cruz  shares one story in particular of how he got into a fist fight at school, only to arrive home to an angry Puerto Rican mother telling him he had to strip down to his birthday suit to receive punishment for cutting up in class. “I am sorry to all Giants fans for keeping Vic out late on Friday, but he did tell some amazing stories. First athlete to do the show and boy was it a doozy… His dad beat him with the cable wire. That’s just crazy,” said Cipha Sounds. 


Music was provided by DJ Drewski of Hot 97 and Sirius XM. Special guests included Bodega Bamz, Jakk Doe (, Keith Nelson (, DJ Juanyto (Hot 97), and more.  TAKE IT PERSONAL will continue every Friday at the legendary UCB Theater.  Reserve your seats now for this Friday as the show always sells out! Reserve tix >  


Images provided by Daniel Vasquez.

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