The Daily Word: LeBron James Weds Savannah Brinson & John Legend weds Chrissy Teigen…


Welp, my dreams of marrying Savannah Brinson were crushed this weekend 🙁



NBA Baller, LeBron James, stepped up to the plate over the weekend and married his high school sweetheart Savannah Brinson.

After 10 years of dating and two beautiful kids, the couple made it official on Saturday at a private ceremony in San Diego, that included the attendance of LeBron’s teammates as well as Jay Z and Beyonce, who performed “Crazy In Love” with a live band at the reception.  

I would have never made it to the wedding. I would have headed straight to the reception to claim my seat in the front row.

*Serious Face*

The wedding weekend included a BBQ on Friday and a farewell event on Sunday. And although no photos have surfaced, Instagram thirst buckets, Adrienne Bosh and Gabrielle Union tweeted photos of their wedding ensembles.

“We Is On Our Way To A Secret Wedding!”

Shut Up Gabby.


Also this weekend, singer John Legend wed his long time girlfriend  model Chrissy Teigen during an intimate ceremony in Italy.  Special guest included Kanye West and Stevie Wonder.

Reports say the bride was serenaded by both Mr. Wonder and John who did an amazing duet of “Isn’t She Lovely”. 

Congrats Mr. & Mrs. Legend.

Maybe now you guys will stop calling her ‘The Model’.


-Stay Fly!

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