Randomonium: D. Wade’s Ex-Wife Cries ‘Justice’ In A Begging Manner

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In effort of getting her point across in the streets of Chicago, D. Wade‘s ex-wife Siovaughn Funches grabs a black marker, ball-point pen, white poster boards — with friends in tow; where she proceeds to lay on the sidewalk and cry for justice. 


After numerous attempts of throwing D. Wade under the bus, appearing on Dr. Phil, exclaiming that Wade was abusive — Siovaughn still feels the need of continuing her attention-drawing antics. 




In the midst, of Trayvon Martin‘s death/case, Detroit currently filing for bankruptcy; not to mention an abundance of other world crisis — Siovaughn decides to play victim in a hole that she clearly created herself. 

Loosing your kids is definitely disheartening and a painful thing to deal with. However, show the courts your progression. Show that you don’t have to be summoned to court yet again while being fined $10,000 for showing up late. Going on rants about D. Wade & Gabrielle Union, and making a complete fool of yourself with thoughtless actions will only make the situation worse. 

Our advice to you Siovaughn….GET IT TOGETHER. Your only doing what statistics expect you to do. Rise up from the fall and move on. Hopefully, in the end you can be with your kids again. But it starts with being a positive example. 

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3 thoughts on “Randomonium: D. Wade’s Ex-Wife Cries ‘Justice’ In A Begging Manner

  1. CRAZY ASS NEED TO BE LAYING ON A SHRINK COUCH. Blaming a man for what SHE DID. JUST WANT A PITY PARTY FOR HER STUPIDITY. People feel for her yet all those senseless murder in chi town n she wants to be on front street pretending. Trayvon is dead for nothing he did, dwade is living his life and raising their boys yet this fool is craving attention.


  2. tsk tsk tsk. No matter what she is stil their mother and no matter what happened she still struck out and still lost her gold digger’s membership and she is exactly where most men are now when they come out on the losing end of a divorce. Siovaughn you attention loving money whore, DEAL WITH IT! You made your bed and now yo uwill have to lie in it. No kids need a deadbeat no talent mom like you embarrassing their legacy as you wallow in the streets pittying yourself. Nobody is gonna feel sorry for you. Try doing a few “dates” and use the money to start over. It’s clear she is only out for herself. If she was such a great mother and a good wife maybe she would still be in the rich house with Dwayne.


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