Video: Jessica Sanchez & Ne-Yo Takes Over Americal Idol with New Single ‘Tonight’

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Jessica Sanchez re-vists the American Idol stage where she got her first start! The budding new star hits AI atmosphere with a new single entitled “Tonight” featuring the soul hit-maker himself, Ne-Yo. Both clad in variations of white, black and sequin; the two wow’d the audience with their dope vocals and choreography. Also, catch a glimpse of full official video for the hit single below…

‘Me, You & the Music’ will hit shelves on April 30 (19 Recordings/Interscope Records).

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2 thoughts on “Video: Jessica Sanchez & Ne-Yo Takes Over Americal Idol with New Single ‘Tonight’

  1. I am an american that has lived overseas.
    The Philippine country is Christian. How funny that you “performer” (Neo’s sidekick) say you are christian that but only act that way when it is convenient.

    I’m not a hater. I am an “American”. my point is this: I just don’t like FAKE people.
    Fact: “the so called performer” says HER MOTHER is from the Philippines. So, she denounces her identity by not saying she is fillipinal!! Then the so called performer went to the Philippines for a show. Then she “identifies” with them. Why? just for the $$$ or for the fans? C’mon. Like I said I hate fake people. !!!

    One more thing the “music” with Neo===> Lyrics say, “he’s got money and he is spending it.” How typically LOW. Why loser, do you think this is cool? Again, totally focused on MONEY and FAME. You live in the USA but you are at heart a cheap fillipinal. Shit song, period.
    I’m sorry the stupid record companies want to give you a contract.
    I know if you don’t do it then someone else will.



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