[The Daily News] Brandy’s ‘Two Eleven’ Soars In At #3

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After Brandy‘s #NYCTakeOverWeek, the world’s most favorited singer scores with a #3 debut for her recently released ‘Two Eleven’ album. Read more below…

Receiving massive attention, Brandy entered the Top 10 Billboard 200 charts selling over 66, 000 copies in the first week of her defiant album. By placing at the #3 spot, this marks Brandy first top 10 album for almost 8 years. When Brandy last left the music scene, her 2008 release of Human sold 73,000 in its first week marking at #15 on the charts, and was with no promotion, dismissed management and a faltering record label. Prior to that, the Timbaland crafted album, Afrodisiac entered at No. 3 in 2004 with 132,000.

Although, we here at SFPL was hoping for more sales for ‘Two Eleven’, we’re still proud of B-Rocka! This is such a great look! The buzz is back and this is only the beginning to a new start!

With songs like; “Do You Know What You Have?”, “Without You”, “What You Need”, “Wish You Love Away”, “So Sick”, “Slower”…Sheesh, we can go on and on! Brandy has once again, elevated real R&B music back into it’s original atmosphere, paired with her non-duplicated vocals and musicality that just can’t be matched.

Brandy made our week here in NY last week, and we are ever so grateful to have met such a token of beauty and essence! She is indeed The Vocal Bible. The Staple. The Voice.

Congrats Brandy! We LOVE you!




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2 thoughts on “[The Daily News] Brandy’s ‘Two Eleven’ Soars In At #3

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