[Video][Full Episode] Chrissy & Mr. Jones

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One of the most popular cast members of VH1’s Love & Hip HopNew York, Chrissy Lampkin made us pretty sad when she decided that she was not going to do another season of the show!

But our prayers have been answered as Chrissy is back with a new show centered around herself and her fiance, Jim Jones. With appearances by her homie Emily B, this proves to have a more positive and personal look into her life. Chirssy and Jim recently paid a visit to Angie Martinez over at Hot 97, watch as she chat’s about the decision to leave LHH, her non friendship with former cast mate Olivia, and what we can expect from the new show, with the Queen of NY radio.

And step into the first episode now ….

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2 thoughts on “[Video][Full Episode] Chrissy & Mr. Jones

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