Fly FREE EP: Mackey – “Sober Thoughts”

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Mackey, this 22 year old singer/songwriter from North Philadelphia, has been quietly writing songs and honing his skills under watchful eye of music executive Vincent Herbert. This lead to a publishing deal under Vincent’s label Stream Line/UMG the production company for Lady Gaga, Mindless Behavior and others.

Now Mackey is poised to let the world know what Vincent and his camp already know; that Mackey is a talented artist who is ready to make his mark in the game. With tracks like “Shake Something” & “Incredible” (which have garnered great responses from the media and fans a like), Mackey is sure to make people take notice of his natural charm & charisma, as well as his ability to make good music.

Download his new EP below…

Mackey “Sober Thoughts” –  HERE


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