[SFPL RECAP] Love & Hip Hop:ATL, Season 1, Episode 8, “LOVE AND MARLBOROS”: YOU STUPID B!%TH

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Therapy for Mimi, Joseline and Stevie J was intense to say the least. Stevie J couldn’t stand the heat in the kitchen so he left. After Joseline calms down she tells Dr. Jeff why she was so angry. Relationships are patched and some possibly severed, but all in all this episode was full of quotables. Some hilarious, others more serious. Instead of a full-on recap, we’re bringing you the best quotes from tonight’s episode, and please leave your favorites or whatever we missed in the comment section.“Joseline needs to understand why we’re there. Not to punch the s— out of each other, but to move forward, put it all on the table. And I don’t react well to punches so I had to get the f— out of there.” –– Stevie J

“The truth is, for me, I need to let that go.” –– Joseline

Love And Hip Hop Atlanta
“I ain’t messing with that, I ain’t touching that…At the end of the day you can’t do nothing but take my word for it and pray about it.” –– Scrappy on his relationship with Shay

“No the hell you didn’t.” –– Momma Dee annoyed with Scrappy’s decision to make it work withErica

“I got a kid by yo daddy, when it was over it was over.” — Momma Dee.

“He gon’ tell me he done dipped back in the dip sack saying he’s trying to give her another chance. He needs to get a new piece of a– and move on.”

“And yes, she is a bitch. B-I-C-T-H. And in that order.” —- Momma Dee

“Do what players do, how do players play, all day everyday. Ya heard me.” — Momma Dee

“I wasn’t thinking ’cause if I would have been thinking I knew I was gonna flip out ’cause I ended up flipping out.” — Joseline to Karlie Redd

“You can’t keep getting played, girl.” –– Joseline giving advice

“In my perfect world I could get them to work together. I’m in love with Mimi and I’m in love with Joseline.” –– Stevie J

“What is your solution to being angry all the time?” –– Karlie Redd

“Don’t f—– play with me.” –– Benzino

“Maybe he’s not doing that because that’s not something he did to you.” –– Rasheeda to K.Michelle

 -Stay Fly!

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