[SFPL’s FLY Look of the Day] “4th of July FLY…”

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Happy Independence Day, Fly Ones!!

Today is a day filled with food, fun, and our favorite, FASHION!!! We’ve decided to give you a treat by composing 4 different looks to celebrate the 4th of July, a look for every budget! Step into it!

BBQ hopping on the 4th of July can be hazardous to your feet, so for those who wanna be fly AND comfy, this one’s for you!

Items in this set



Again, something simple and cute! White tank and Skinny Jeans, a cute pair of wedges, and a patriotic headband Add in a pop of color, and VIOLA! You’re all set!

Items in this set


A FLY girl never has to try to hard! Mixing high end labels with simple labels definitely gives an air of Fashionable Humility and we love that!

Items in this set


Lastly, this one is for the Fashionably Offensive! Balmain, Chanel, and Louboutin! Need we say more??

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4 thoughts on “[SFPL’s FLY Look of the Day] “4th of July FLY…”

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