[The Word] @TamekaRaymond Talks to @TheGrio About Life After Usher

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Tameka Raymond sits with The Grio to speak on her life after Usher. Within a pretty major trial where the split couple are fighting for custody of their 2 children (Usher, 4 and Naviyd Ely, 3), Tameka expresses the fact that she is a very independent woman. Peep quotes and the full story below…

Though millions of people may feel they personally know the multi-faceted Tameka Raymond, in reality, she remains an enigma. An eager media often edits her life down to photos, rumors and gossip surrounding her highly visible break-up and custody battle with ex-husband, multi-platinum recording artist Usher Raymond; yet she continues to be a successful entrepreneur, famed designer, and most importantly, a hands-on mother who never fails to put her children first. -The Grio

“My kids take precedence over business; however, I do business for my kids. I want them to know that their mom works and she’s independent. I have to leave a legacy for my sons, so that eventually when I go on to glory,” Raymond laughs, “they have the savvy to keep it going. I definitely want to birth an entrepreneurial spirit within them. I don’t believe in silver-spoon children and you will not see my boys hanging on a beach all day, posing for paparazzi.”

“Well, if I had to point to one thing, one time, it would be after the birth of our second son, Naviyd,” Tameka said as she contemplated the demise of her relationship. “Until that point, we were a very passionate, very loving couple, but then the pressure of the entertainment industry began to slowly creep in and poison our marriage. There comes a point when as a married man with throngs of adoring female fans, you still have to pretend you’re available, but he wasn’t available… and that began the problems.”

by Kirsten West Savali

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3 thoughts on “[The Word] @TamekaRaymond Talks to @TheGrio About Life After Usher

  1. This is a great article! I confirms what I previously believed about her and HIM. I cant respect a man or a mouse that would try to dog out the ex, once they moved on. She really showed who the bigger person was in this matrimony. He divorced her and now 2 years later is going for the kids?? He is trying to destroy this woman from what I see, the music business pressures got to him. I am a fan of his music but not of how he is treating the mother of his children and more importantly ex WIFE!! He has shown his true self with this case, and I read he smashed her bridesmaids too. Usher has dirt on his hands in this fight. Im riding with the ex on this one.


  2. Think there is blame on both sides.. he ain’t perfect and neither is she and the things she has shown after and trying to turn kids on their own father that wants to be a part of their lives and wants to fight for more time or time without being hasseled, is also distasteful.Noone knows the private workings of the marriage but them. Kids need their mother and father, if not together then atleast not bitter because things didn’t work. Maybe things didn’t because there is a better plan. I have heard God introduced so many times into this whole situation, its mind blowing. God can be mentioned anywhere but he must be listened to,heard, obeyed, and followed. If God were truly a part of this situation it wouldnt be where it was at! I will never put my feelings of whatever towards my husband or x into my childrens minds. Teach them love and forgiveness and strength. They will learn the things you never have to tell them.. I do pray for the two boys and that this situation be prayerfully decided with a joint resolution for all. I hope both learn and do truly try to stand up and be a Mother and Father and in decisions think only of the childrens best interest, not personal feelings.,


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