[In Fashion] Glamour Magazine Thanks Melanie Fiona For Her Boho Beauty Inspiration

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Melanie Fiona gains recognition of her beauty game and received praises over at Glamour Magazine. The high fashion mag thanked Melanie for Beauty Inspiration. Peep below to see what they had to say about the R&B songtress…

When I first saw this photo of R&B singer Melanie Fiona, I thought “Here we go with the low-rider headband thing again.” But when my eyes traveled down her face, I slooowly started to fall in love with her whole look. It’s basically boho chic perfection.

Let’s talk about all the things she got right:

1) The hippie headband: She went with a headband that has a little bit of interesting detail on it, but it’s not so elaborate that it takes over. I like where it’s placed on her head, but even if she pulled it down across her forehead, it would still look good.

2) The dewy skin: Gorgeous. Her face looks radiant and flawless. To get this glowiness, you could put on a little extra moisturizer and only dust powder over your t-zone (skip your cheeks).

3) The earthy blush: I think you need something on your cheeks when you’re wearing barely-there makeup to keep you from looking washed out. Loving this neutral shade on her. A bronzer would work, too.

4) The nude lips: They’re not too pale or too matte—perfect!

I don’t think of her winged eyeliner as necessarily boho, but it’s a nice touch, especially because her sideswept bangs call attention to her eyes–the liner makes them stand out more. Is Melanie’s look making you want to channel your inner hippie? Are you over the low-rider headband or all about it? Take a stance in the comments section.


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3 thoughts on “[In Fashion] Glamour Magazine Thanks Melanie Fiona For Her Boho Beauty Inspiration

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