[New Visual] Sonyae Elise – ‘Big Spender’

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Sonyae Elise drops a new sexy visual vid entitled ‘Big Spender’. You guys have been Sonyae here at SFPL a number of times and as we’ve said in the past, she is definitely one of the most talented artist that we have ever met. Peep the visual below…


(I don’t, I don’t) let a nigga crack

if he don’t know me like that

had a one nite stand one time threw the P so good nigga came back

stalked my twitter

instagram pics of the Boogottii captioned it…

Could you reconsider? I was like, really nigga?

but if hoes gon hoe for the hoe of it

top off for the pro of it

why not hoe for the doe of it

buy out stores for the show of it

and mob out with the illest shyt

pack the whip with #LRG

swipe his card for everything

(everything, everything)

cuz parking be like 80, club entry a hunnit

gotta tip them strippers & keep them bottles coming

call it what you want, i handle my bizness

keep my money flipping, let these niggas do the tricking


(I don’t, I don’t) trust no dick (I don’t, I don’t) fear no bitch

(I don’t, I don’t) give 2 shyts — bout yo F&E’s

tell a motherfucker quick

i ain’t finna love em/ better know who u fucking wit

out for the green (nah mean) get a fucking grip

broke niggas know not to holler I only twirl with big poppas

gold dig em and then i dash word to my Balenciaga

word to my coochie

bitch gotta thing for dat pucci

La Perla gotta stay on the twat

wrist gotta stay wit a watch (now watch)

i could make this Pu kitty purr, my Nancy baby the bomb-est

the shyt so tight make em dummy

they cum then leave hooked on phoenix

They don’t come less they bringing money — the money’s imperative

and I’m OCD so make sure all them big faces facing up.



Download her EP(s):
LadyRebel Vol. 1  http://bit.ly/tanTh4 
LadyRebel Vol. 2  http://bit.ly/vBYNkf

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