[Choreographer’s Corner] Sean Bankhead & The Bad Girls Club presents ‘Cake’ Remix @Rihanna & @ChrisBrown

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Ladies & Gents, you are in for a serious treat! Sean Bankhead is one of the most talented choreographers in this industry today. In this vid, he put together a sexy clan in Atlanta called The Bad Girls Club, as they shimmy to Rihanna x Chris Brown‘s new jawn ‘Cake’. You are not ready!! Peep the video below…

First and foremost i have to thank God for giving me the ideas and the passion to create anything i can imagine! Thank you to my Bad Girls for making the video so beautiful and strong. Royal and Rae, yall shoot the sh.t out of every idea i have! so damn dope! thanks to Troy Barnes & Kelly Smith, Co-Founders of the Rebel Society for styling the crap out of the girls! Mike Lanvin, you were put into my life for a reason! your editing is perfection. and thanks to Mike Boyce for the fly graphics!

i did this video to be 100% creative with my time. not to out-do or show out. i want to showcase the amount of talent Atlanta has, whether through dance, choreography, directing and editing, theres so much the world needs to see.


So, Rihanna should hire Sean for the actual video…I’m just sayin’. That was incredible!

Choreographed and Directed by Sean Bankhead

Shot by RoyalxRae

Edited by Michael Lanvin

Graphics by Mike Boyce

to book Sean contact:
Nefertiti Robinson or Sindy Schnieder w/ blocSouth Agency
ATL Office 404.622.4116
LA Office 323.954.7730


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3 thoughts on “[Choreographer’s Corner] Sean Bankhead & The Bad Girls Club presents ‘Cake’ Remix @Rihanna & @ChrisBrown

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