[The Fly Review] Lady Gaga’s ‘Born This Way’…

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You aren’t seeing things; this is indeed a review of Lady Gaga’s new jawn “Born This Way.” Here at SFPL we wave our Queen Bey flags all day, but we respect her competition. And that’s what Lady Gaga shows and proves. We must admit, Judas and Born This Way weren’t certified bangers in our book but that’s because we expected more from her singles. There’s a little bit of monster (term of endearment used by Lady G) in us so we were looking forward to hearing what she had to offer after the smash album that put her on the map, The Fame.


Marry The Night sets the dark  (but soulful) mood of this album but that doesn’t curve our appetite to hear what the next tasty track will be. Think Depeche Mode (yes, we know about that) meets 90s Whitney Houston.  It surges with the church organ, electric guitar and 90s dance music. Now I don’t know if they would play this where I give praise, but at the Temple of Gaga, I’m certain you wouldn’t feel like a dirty sinner, you’d feel like you were ready to repent. Speaking of repent, the next track Government Hooker (no she’s not talking about Arnold’s slide) makes more than a political statement. She references John F. Kennedy among other men of power who take advantage of the people they serve, while getting served. The songs Americano and Scheibe have a heavy Euro-rave feel, glow sticks and all but the last time we checked, the only thing we’d allow to glow in the dark is a pair of our Yeezy’s. Hair is a song that we got all the way into. No matter if it’s locs, relaxed or lace front(ed) we’ve all had our share of hair woes. And Lady Gaga has had her mane maintained more than enough times to know a little bit about being judged on what’s on your head instead of what’s in it. She belts out “I’m as free as my hair…” that’s a whole lot of freedom.


Black Jesus + Amen Fashion and Bad Kids are two of our fave tracks for the obvious reasons. Black Jesus is a bit biographical but the line that resonated with us the most was “put it on amen fashion/celebrate a new compassion.” And on Bad Kids she urges, “don’t be insecure if your heart is pure.”  And that’s what this album is: purely good music.  We copped it. We Like it. Go get it.


-Stay fly!


[Written By Sharlyn]


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One thought on “[The Fly Review] Lady Gaga’s ‘Born This Way’…

  1. I think you’re completely off-base by excluding her singles from being as good as the rest of the album. Judas and Born This Way are amazing. And you didn’t even mention The Edge of Glory, one of the greatest 80’s power ballads not written in the 80’s? For shame.


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