[The Fly Discussion] Does Lil’ Kim Know the Difference Between Business and Friendship?

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Once Again Lil’ Kim has found herself in the middle of a riff on Twitter that leaves her looking emotional and Un-Queen like. I swear she gets more press for everything other than her music. First there was her battle with a non responsive Nicki Minaj over a tweet that ‘allegedly’ came from Nicki’s account, although after a little research it appears as if it actually didn’t.

Womp Womp

And Now This. Yesterday Keyshia Cole had a twitter rant of her own, in regards to her lock out of the 2011 Bet Awards Nominations, and surprisingly she tweeted that her and Lil’ Kim were not friends. Ouch.

What that ignited was an over-emotional rant by the Queen Bee that took up her entire timeline.



And After all that Keyshia’s response was…


And I love me some Lil’ Kim, but Jesus!

I’m friends with an Amazing Celebrity Stylist, and when I first began my journey in the industry she told me; “Always remember that work is work, and these artist/Clients are not your friends. This way it’s always business, and feelings are never hurt.” I wish someone would explain that to Lil’ Kim. Keyshia, Diddy and whoever else she’s done records/business with are allowed to do business with whoever they please. They have to make money, it’s not a personal thing at all, it’s business. Nicki Minaj is one of hottest Acts out right now, anybody should and would jump at the chance to do a collaboration with her, Hello? This business is about relevancy and every artist has to fight to remain relevant, and therefore should respect the business of it. It’s obvious that Keyshia always saw it as a business relationship, I mean don’t friends hang out? Call each other? Confide in each other? That’s a friendship, get the definition together. Stop throwing that word around. In other words, please get out of the paint.


Your Thoughts?

-Stay Fly!

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4 thoughts on “[The Fly Discussion] Does Lil’ Kim Know the Difference Between Business and Friendship?

  1. I hear you (not that I’m an angel) but people in the industry use the work relationship as an excuse to do ill things. No, K.Cole not technically “wrong” but she was very inconsiderate and by allowing Nick to recorded a disrespectful verse towards Kim. Although it’s not a friendship, working relationships still deserve respect. What happened to not selling out for a $? What happened to having standards and knowing who’s your source? Relevancy? Like Kim said, look where it got you./smh I know we all fall short but it kills me when people don’t want to acknowledge where they fell short. You don’t owe Kim anything K.Cole but acknowledge that you allow somebody to come on a song and hurt a “working relationship” with another respected artist, that really looked out for you. It is what it is. K.Cole basically endorsed Nick bashing Kim for a $. This not cool. Keri Hilson, trying her hardest to come up, didn’t allow Nick to do that.. No matter how big we get, it’s always good to preserve standards and morals. Now, if in the event we decide to derail from them, as human do, again, admit to it. #messylikethemhoes You were just laughing and chilling with Kim (whether it was work or not) but you allowed Nick ( I love Nick mind you) to come over and go in on the girl…as you laugh and dance on the side? Oh, don’t take it personal b/c I got paid for it. Huh? get out of here…..


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