[Video] WordSpit the Illest Rocks at Bamboozle 2011…

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Bamboozle came to an eventful close Sunday, May 1st as WordSpit the Illest took the stage in front of a packed crowd to deliver a high octane performance alongside band-mates Jordan Ware on strings, guitarist Duke, bassist Tyrell, drummer Powers, and turntable and crowd specialists E.T. and Dj Laser. The beautiful vocals were given by the lovely Cocoa Sarai.

Nothing short of ill, WordSpit captivated wondering festival-goers. Bolstering the bravado of a real emcee, he declared: “You will know my name by the end of this performance.” It did not even take the entirety of the set, before fans chanted not only the East New York emcee’s name, but the pledge that he has come to be known for: “We the illest.”

WordSpit debuted new tracks like “Japanese Bitch,” a track that showcases the rappers fondness of Japanese culture and lyrical cadence as he seamlessly weaved together the Japanese language and hip-hop. Also, the revamped “We the Illest” track acted as a shot of adrenaline to the audience as the crowd came alive to chant the familiar mantra of positivity. However, if there was a crowd favorite it was between the club anthem “Lights, Cameras, Action” and the rocker’s delight “Chop Suey” that featured vocalists Cocoa Sarai and Mr. Reed of SoundHouse Band. Either way, the crowd clamored to Spitter stage, the main staple for hip-hop at this year’s festival.

Despite being one point shy of winning The Breaks Contest – which allotted WordSpit this opportunity – Spitter stage was a hell of a consolation prize. The stage put WordSpit in good company as acts such as G.O.O.D Music’s own Pusha T and Big Sean; XXL Freshman Freddie Gibbs; and, Lil’ B the Base God performed later that evening. Spitter stage marked the end of the journey to Giants Stadium; and, the promise of hitting more stages like it.

Very dope performance!



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4 thoughts on “[Video] WordSpit the Illest Rocks at Bamboozle 2011…

  1. I like it…. i mean who would have ever thought that a violin and a guitar would sound so good with rap music. SHOUTOUT to Jordan Ware(violin player).


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