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You only get the best here on SFPL! Jive Records’ Issa Thompson releases highly anticipated “Back to the Future” mixtape hosted by DJ Holiday. Check it out!

Wolfpack /Crown World Entertainment and Jive Recording Artist- Teen Rapper/Songwriter, Issa Thompson drops his first, yet highly anticipated, mixtape entitled “Back to the Future.”

Issa, 16-year-old rapper who signed with Jive Records in September, made his mark by being the youngest rapper to ever sign with Jive in the history of the label.

Since his signing with Jive Records, Issa has released a viral video each month. Showcasing his skills to existing fans and gaining fans all around the world.

Issa’s first single will be “16”, a perfect introductory track for the 16-year-old artist’s mixtape and a chance show off his lyrical ablilties. The following singles will be “Falling In Love” A song he wrote for the ladies. He will follow up with several hot singles including “Time is Paper” featuring T.C.,“Ringing Up My Phone” featuring J Real and Don Juan, and “Green Eyed Goblin” Featuring Deonte.

Many who have pre-heard the mixtape believe every song has the potential to be that single that takes him to the level of being known as one of the greats at the age of 16.

Issa’s “Look at Me Now Remix” featuring Lil’ Chuckee of Young Money, Jacquees and Don Juan, was recently featured on World Star and is also on “Back to the Future.”

Download “Back to the Future”hosted by DJ Holiday today !!!

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