Willow Smith x Ray Kay On-set…

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We have an exclusive photo from the set, showing Willow and Ray Kay at work, and a quote from Ray Kay about the new superstar phenomenon we are seeing in Willow. The video is growing in an explosive way on internet, and we’re really excited about Willow.

Quote from Ray Kay:

“I’m so excited to see all the buzz about this video on the web. Willow really deserves this, she’s a superstar already. The video will surely be considered a classic a few years from now. I think we managed to create a fresh expression using Willow’s amazing energy, a positive and inspiring concept, and mixing the colors of the sets with Willow’s fashion, which consisted of custom-made clothing and exclusive One Z jumpsuits from California Christiania Republic. She’s a trendsetter already and I’m sure others will be copying her style soon!”

Congrats Willow x Ray Kay on such a successful video!

-Stay Fly!

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